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I am Victoria the Proprietor of Hidden Garden. I am committed to providing fantastic, fun and awe-inspiring opportunities to develop and nurture children within my setting. I have a wonderful team of experienced staff who work hard to promote the best possible start for each and every individual child


Nursery Manager

I am Hannah, the Manager of Hidden Garden as well as the SENCO & Safeguarding lead.  I have a level 5 qualifications in Early Years. I have worked with children for over 13 years and have experience working with children from birth to 5 years. I have a passion for giving children the best learning opportunities in the early stages of their lives providing a vibrant, stimulating environment for them. I absolutely love what I do.



Deputy Manager

Hi I’m Robyn, I am the Deputy Manager as well as the Pre-School room lead and Deputy Senco for the Setting. I am a level 3 qualified Practitioner. I am passionate about enabling Children to have the best Learning Opportunities in Early years. I am always thinking and looking for new ideas to help teach and challenge my children.

In my spare time I volunteer to help vulnerable children and find this very rewarding.


Room Lead

Hi, my name is Kate and I am a Room Lead at Hidden Garden. I have a level 3 Diploma in Early Years. I really enjoy working with children and I love messy and sensory play so you can always find me covered in glitter, paint and flour! In my spare time I run Children’s Parties performing as a Disney Princess, singing and Dancing! I make a particularly good Elsa!!


Room Lead

Hi I’m Rikki a Room Lead here at Hidden Garden. I’m level 3 qualified and have been working with children for 3 years. I love my job helping children grow and develop into future politicians, actors, fireman and hairdressers.  On the weekends I do a lot with my sister including singing mamma Mia at the top my lungs on car journeys and visiting lots of different places. I also enjoy seeing my friends and shopping. 


Room Lead

Hello I’m Michelle and I have a level 3 qualification in childcare and education. I love to watch the children and support them in their learning journey. I have lots of ideas and plan lots of challenging and thought-provoking learning opportunities for the Children.

In my spare time I teach Children Taekwondo classes which keeps me fit & is really fun.


Nursery Practitioner

Hi my name is Verity and  I have a level 3 BTECH diploma in childcare learning and development. I've got lots of experience working with children at all types of settings. Children for 8 years. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and taking my dog Hazel on long walks.


Nursery Practitioner

Hi I’m Shelby and I have a Level 3 Early Years qualification. I am fascinated with watching how children play and develop. In my spare time I am a bridal model and majorette!


Apprentice Nursery Practitioner

I’m Simone and I am currently studying for my Level 3 in Early Years. In my spare time enjoy seeing my friends, playing with my niece and nephew and watching films.

I love working wih children and building special bonds with them.


Nursery Practitioner

Hi I’m Karis and I have worked in childcare for 3 years  and am Level 3 qualified. I love working with Children- every day is different and I love seeing Children grow and watching their little personalities bloom!  In my spare time I like to walk a lot particularly in the Forest, I also like to help my Auntie in her Hairdressers- my creative outlet!


Nursery Practitioner

Hi, I’m Kim
I’m a qualified Level 3 Practitioner in childcare and I have worked within care for almost 15 years, working with children and young adults. I enjoy seeing the little ones develop their independence through learning and starting to show their personalities, which is always fun!

In my spare time I like to spend it with family and friends and also listening to some good music on my headphones whilst walking my dog for miles. 


Nursery Practitioner

Hi I am Paige

I am a qualified level 3 practitioner. I love being part of the children’s early stages of life and watching them grow into amazing characters. I love to spend time with my family at the weekend and go shopping and watch films. 


House Keeper

Hi I’m Cheryl, I am the Housekeeper and a Bank practitioner at Hidden Garden. I have worked with children of all ages for the past 14 years and have two grown up children of my own. In my spare time I love going on holiday and relaxing.


Apprentice Nursery Practitioner

I’m Ella and I'm doing my level 3 early years apprenticeship at Bath College. I have worked in childcare for a year and have had experience with children from 6 months to 5 years. In my spare time i like to socialise with my friends and going out with my family for country walks.
I love working with our team and gorgeous children. 


Nursery Practitioner

Hi I am Vicki and I am level 3 qualified in childcare and I have been working with children for the last five years. I love to watch the children grow and support them in their learning. In my spare time I have my own horse called Dougie who I take care of and love to go out on long rides with.


Nursery Practitioner

I’m  Tash, I am level 3 qualified and have nearly 15 years experience working in nursery settings with all ages 3months to 5 years, I also have a little boy called Archie who attends hidden garden. I love being able to help the children grow and develop, to become independent, kind and caring children before they move on to school. 


Apprentice Nursery Practitioner

 Hi, my name is Laura and I am an apprentice in the pips room. In my spare time I teach children Taekwondo and I train Taekwondo myself. I have been doing Taekwondo for many years and I am currently a black belt 3rd degree. I also like to spend time with family and go shopping. 

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