Hidden Garden Day Nursery and Pre-School
Hidden Garden Day Nursery and Pre-School

Hidden Garden offers a holistic approach to each child in order to nurture them to become self-assured, caring and curious children.


Every child has enormous potential and the importance of the early years in a child's development cannot be over-emphasised. Hidden garden offers a rich enabling environment with experienced, caring and responsive practitioners.

Our Rooms



In pips we care for children from 6 months to two years. The younger children spend time in our warm, cosy cabin where we have no more than 6 of our youngest babies, we nurture our children in a safe, caring environment where we aim to follow your child’s home routine. Our babies are given sensory experiences to nurture and enhance their learning alongside carefully planned activities based on each individual child’s development.

As our children develop, they move to our larger toddler room. Our toddler room offers a wider range of play and creative opportunities as well as plenty of fun outside play time which helps develop their strength, co-ordination and motor skills. Practitioners continue to concentrate on building development of speech, communication and language skills, supporting budding friendships and encourage increasing independence.



Apples is our Nursery room for children aged two to three years. In our Nursery room we continue to develop our children’s emerging literacy and numeracy skills as well as plenty of messy and arty creativity. Apples have increased routine and further learn about the wider world around them. Children are helped to learn to take turns and make choices for themselves.  Practitioners plan fun learning opportunities based around interests and needs of individual children and child led group interest.



Children move to Trees the September after they turn three and spend their final year before school in this spacious environment with an emphasis on structured routine and free flow play in and outdoors. Over the year we encourage children to develop school readiness. We work to ensure children are personally, socially and emotionally ready for school, ensuring they have strong understanding, communication and listening skills. We introduce phase one of letters and sounds phonics and provide fun tools for children to further develop their literacy and mathematic skills.


We have a large garden split into different areas where the children can explore and take risks in a safe environment.

We nurture children in a safe, secure caring environment according to their individual interests and needs.

Encouraging your child to blossom, we focus on building strong relationships between your child and our staff and particularly with your child's key person. 

We seek to ensure your child is happy, relaxed and experiences awe inspiring moments each and every single day.

Working in partnership with Parents.

Parents are children's first and most enduring educators, we believe that working together has a positive impact on children's development and learning.  Parents are invited to enhance our planning and be involved in nursery events, ensuring we plan for and support your child's needs, interests and parental choices. 

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Hidden Garden Day Nursery and Pre-School
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