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Hidden Garden offers a holistic approach to each child in order to nurture them to become self assured, caring and curious children.


Every child has enormous potential. The importance of the early years in a child's general development cannot be over-emphasised. Any experience which caters for the needs of children, before they reach statutory school age, establishes the foundations of future learning in many areas of human experience.

Our Rooms



We welcome our Blossoms babies from 6 months until around 18 months old or until they are confident on their feet and like to sleep in the afternoons. We are guided by each individual child and their development. Here at Hidden Garden we nurture your child in a safe secure caring environment where we aim to follow your child’s home routine. We understand that leaving your baby for the first time can be an emotional time and we aim to make this as smooth as possible.

Our babies are given sensory experiences to nurture and enhance their learning alongside carefully planned activities based on each individual child’s development.



Pips is our toddler room leading on from Blossoms offering resources and opportunities for children from 18 months to two years (dependent on each individual child). Our Pips room offers a wide range of sensory opportunities and we encourage the children to become independent in their play.



Apples is our Nursery room for children aged two to three years. In our Nursery room we increase the independence learning to take turns and make choices for themselves. We carefully plan and support a child’s learning based around their interests and needs.



Children move to Trees the September after they turn three and spend their final year before School in this room. Within Trees over the year we encourage them to develop their own independence and prepare for school readiness. We introduce phase one of letters and sounds and provide tools for children to learn about literacy and mathematics.


We have a large garden split into different areas where the children can explore and take risks in a safe environment.

We nurture your child in a safe, secure caring environment.

Encouraging your child to blossom, we focus on:


  • Building strong relationships between your child and our staff and particularly with your child's key person
  • Personal, Social and Emotional development,
  • Sparking your child's interest and love for play and learning
  • Communication and language development
  • Physical, fine and gross movement development
  • Early Literacy skills
  • Early Maths skills
  • Understanding of the world around them
  • Expressive arts and design

Working in partnership with Parents.

We want children, parents and staff to learn together, grow together and respect each other. Parents are children's first and most enduring educators so at Hidden Garden we have learnt that working together has a positive impact on children's development and learning.  Parents are invited to enhance our planning and be involved in nursery events, ensuring we both reflect and support your child's needs, personal activites, likes, dislikes and current interests; whatever they may be!

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